Welcome!  This page will highlight all the engaging topics and service that help you connect to the Spirit within you.  Angels, Reiki, Mediation, Chakras,  and Enlightenment are just the tip of the Spiritual iceberg of the infinite possibilities here at InnerStrength.

Online classes and webinar, one on one Spiritual Discovery Sessions, Mastermind groups and so much more are on our creative "to do list."



Angel Whispers: Learn to Communicate On-line Class

Your Angels are always communicating with you 24/7.    Do you hear them? Do you understand their signs & guidance? Would you like to learn your Angels names and how they speak to you? Angel Communication is much different than how we speak to each other.  You have 5 main Guardian Angels working within you daily.

In this Course you will learn:

Your 5 Angels names 
* Levels of Consciousness
* Divine Guidance vs Ego Manipulation
* Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, ClairCognizance
* Angel Signs & Synchroncities
* The How, When, Where, & Why of Divine Communication
* The Now Moment
* Creating Space
* How to Use Angel Oracle Cards

Oracle Deck Needed:  Doreen Virtue Healing with The Angels

Heart Song Whispers℠ Volume 1

What if you could discover a power in your heart far greater than anything you ever imagined in your mind? What if you could silence the noise in your head to hear the whispers of your heart?
What if you could learn how to find a center of peace and love inside your heart that has always been with you? What if you knew how to release the past because your past has already released you?

Search no further.  Denise's Heart Song Whisper's Volume 1 will help you discover the answer's to the above questions and tap into the Inner Wisdom & Inner Strength always present within you. 

Join Denise as she takes you on a 30-day journey to discover the unique song within your heart with daily videos, inspiration and journaling points to ponder.

Angel Reading Subscription - 1 hour (6 Months)

This is a 6-month subscription where you will receive a 1 on 1 - 60 minute Angel Reading Session, once per month for 6 months, with Denise Povernick to help you discover your Life Purpose or your Heart Song, learn your Angels names or signs, or simply connect to your own Inner Guidance. This reading can be done in person, over the phone, Facetime or Zoom. 

You may schedule all 6 readings at the time of purchase.  You may only schedul 1 reading per 30 day period

For an extra small fee, the Angel Reading can be recorded via Audio ($5) or video ($10). See add-on section.

You can also pick one of the many Angel Reading Themes themes to enhance the focus of the reading:

* Life Purpose
* Relationship Guidance
* 6 months or 12 months Preview
* Law of Attraction Guidance
* Business Guidance
* Career Guidance
* Creative or Motivational
* Personal Empowerment
* Detox Reading
* Unveiling the Hidden
* Many others or your creation

Readings can be in person or in recorded private video session so you may have your Angel Readings to refer back to for future reference.
All Angel Readings are Reiki infused.