Free Webinar: How To Create an Online Course

This FREE Webinar will be a quick intro and outline of how we can help you take your idea, passion, talent, mad skill or business to the next level.



Have you been thinking about getting a 2nd job? Or thinking of creative ways to make extra money? Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck or making ends barely meet?

What are you passionate about? What topics do others seek you guidance? What technical or business skill have you developed that you can share with others?

Do you realize you knowledge and amazing skills/talents that can help empower others and make you additional income? I know at first you might think "Who would take my course?" or "What do I know?" or even "Where would I even start?" It can be overwhelming but it's not.

What if I can help you take your knowledge skill, talent, passion or hobby to the next level?

What would $100 extra per month allow you to do? What would $1,000 extra per month allow you to do? What would $10,000 extra per month allow you to do? Honestly there are no limits! Do I have you attention?

There is a huge online market for for online courses in so many areas: professional, educational, recreational, transformational or simply just for fun. You have a special skill, a niche, that is unique just to you. You can create multiple course or a signature course. Either way you can create passive income while empowering and educating others.

I can help you design one class or a signature series community. You can do this as a hobby, part time or turn it into a full blown business.

Who can this opportunity help?

See if you are on the list:


  • You're looking to supplement monthly income
  • You're retired or wanting to retire and have extra income
  • You want to leave your 9-5 job
  • You want to give back to the community by offering FREE classes
  • You want a way to promote your established business in a different way
  • You want to start a new business but don't know how
  • You want something fun and challenge to accomplish

Here's how we can help you:

· Create a passive income by profitably sharing your expertise with your marketplace

· Scale & automate your business by turning your knowledge and services into profitable learning products

· Get your leads and prospects to pay you in a way that makes them appreciate you

· Get paid to demonstrate your capability, knowledge and expertise to your audience

· Design and construct a curriculum and course plan to show your expertise at it's best

· Grow your business/hobby and increase sales through your wider products and services using the
platform of education

· Create a profitable learning product or program such as an online course, webinar, workshop or training

· Create training that is engaging, impactful and transformational so that your audience come back for

· Ensure a positive learning experience whilst also increasing your exposure, leads, sales and authority

· You will complete your training course step by step as you progress through this course

· Use your completed learning product or program as an income stream in it's own right, or as a lead
capturing magnet for your primary business activities


If you would like to learn more I'm holding a FREE ONLINE WEBINAR. This link with take you to Learn It Live, a place I host webinars. You must sign up for a free Learning account to access my webinar. Sunday 10/15/17 3PM EST Free Webinar Link to Create Your OnLine Course Why wait anther minute when you can be helping yourself and your family while helping others? Join me in the webinar and I'll offer you several different ways in which we can work together now to get you started. Your class can be offered 30-90 days from now depending on which offering works for your time and budget! Just think, that could be extra money for the Holidays, or to pay off debt or even for a much needed vacation. I look forward to seeing you Sunday the Webinar is Live.

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