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Chakra Healing Sound Therapy:  

Fine Tuning Your Frequency

$125 Per Person


Denise's House 6:30PM - 8:30 PM

Suggested for this Class:

Personal Journal

Please bring a journal to take notes and inspirations during class.

Oracle Card Deck

This is suggested Oracle Card Deck. Purchase isn't necessary, there will be a deck to share. Click on picture for more ordering information.

Tuning Forks

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Sound is one of the purest forms of energy in existence.Sound inspires us, uplifts us, helps us to communicate, express ourselves, and even heal at a deep level. We hear higher and lower sounds due to how vibrations resonate off our eardrums. 
Vibration also corresponds to emotions. When we identify with emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, guilt, paranoia, and self-loathing, we actually lower our vibration. On the other hand, when we stop identifying with these emotions and instead see them simply as energy fluctuating within us, we begin to experience “high vibration” states such as love, peace, gratitude, creativity, and self-fulfillment.



Each week we will focus on 1 Chakra and 1 Tuning Fork to bring yourself and the correlating Chakra into alignment.

  • 7th – Crown Chakra : Knowingness and dedication to divine consciousness and trusting the universe; connection to a higher power. The Chakra color is Red/Violet-Purple.
  • 6th – Third Eye Chakra : Intuition, self-realization, and releasing negative thoughts.The Chakra color is Bright-Yellow-Orange.
  • 5th – Throat Chakra : Trust, loyalty, organization, and truthful expression of oneself. The Chakra color is Blue.
  • 4th – Heart (Same as OM) Chakra : Relationships, love, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance. The Chakra color is Blue-Green.
  • 3rd – Solar Plexus Chakra : Personal power, intellect, self-confidence, and self-control. The Chakra color is Green.
  • 2nd – Sacral Chakra : Feelings and connecting with others. The Chakra color is Orange.
  • 1st – Root Chakra : Survival and the ability to defend one’s self. The Chakra color is Orange-Red.

By using the appropriate tuning fork on the corresponding Chakra, you can bring the energies back into alignment so that you experience your best quality of life at every possible level.

When your Chakras are brought back into balance, you feel connected to yourself, your higher power, and to others. You feel physically, emotionally, and mentally well. You are realized at your fullest potential – something that is absolutely essential. Let sound therapy and the power of Chakra Tuning Forks bring you back into balance so that you too can realize your fullest potential.

Tuning Forks and Healing

The human body functions harmonically. The frequencies of breathing, blood circulation, the pulse, and all the activities associated with them are intended to function in harmonic balance. Since sound affects us at both the conscious and unconscious levels it has the effect of counterbalancing the physical and emotional states of the body and the mind. By using sound, the internal and external can be brought back into harmony and flexibility.

Tuning forks create a resonance throughout our mind, body, emotions, and 'etheric' body. As such, they are powerful tools to facilitate balancing and healing.  chakra tuning forks

A tuning fork, when struck, produces a single sound or note with harmonics and overtones of that note. Strike two tuning forks together and two vibrational frequencies are created. The brain however, hears more than just the two frequencies.

It also hears a third frequency derived from the difference between the two forks. So in actuality the brain hears three vibrational frequencies from just the two forks. It follows then, that when multiple forks are used, many harmonics, overtones, and frequencies are experienced.




Think of it as bathing in sound.

When tuning forks are used as a tool, the vibrations can bring healing.

A healthy body is in perfect harmonic balance. When the body is out of balance tuning forks can be used to bring about major, positive shifts in the energy patterns within and surrounding the human body.

The frequencies generated by the forks act to dissolve negative energy in the chakras. Sound vibration and intent can clear out energy blocks quickly and effectively.

During tuning fork therapy, a beneficial process of resonance occurs. As the correct frequency is focused on various parts of the body, new patterns of balance are laid down that essentially can erase old patterns caused by the negative resonance of ill health.

If a part of the body is out of balance it will energetically resonate 'out of tune'. By applying the correct frequency a resonance is created that en-trains the part that is out of balance back to its correct frequency.  chakra tuning forks

The body or body area will only take in and absorb whatever vibrations are needed so sound therapy is a very safe form of therapy to use, even on children. Sound has other effects at conscious and unconscious levels. Sound may often evoke emotional responses and can counterbalance negative emotional states of the body and mind.


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