You Have Everything You Need

Oct 23, 2017

Everything is Within - Look there First

You are already complete! Upon your conception, within your DNA, you have the blueprint and the know how to evolve and become that person you envisioned yourself to be in this lifetime. Nothing is ever kept from you unless you believe you are unworthy of it or you cannot have it.

Take time today to reflect on a tiny seed. In this seed, there is everything a flower needs to become the beautiful flower its blueprint designates. A rose ever becomes a tulip nor does it want or need too. This seed once planted allows itself through infinite patience to connect and rendezvous with water and the sun to reach its maximum potential. The flower does not shout at the sky on a cloudy day that it is being denied the sun. It does not complain about a sunny day that it needs the rain. It simply stays in the moment and allows the divine perfection to work within itself.

If you look at the word "FLOWER" it can be also seen a "FLOW-ER!" It goes with the flow. It simply allows life to unfold knowing it is a part of that flow. The infinite conscious awareness that is in that flower is also within you. It's time for you to blossom.

Allow yourself the time to flow. Don't force things to happen based on how you think they should be. Remove your thought and allow the Divine Energy to connect you to something even better.